The Tyee’s Debate-o-Rama

The Tyee’s Debate-o-Rama

Poster at The Rio Theatre
‘Team Alive’ slide from slideshow
‘Team Finished’ slide from slideshow
Speaker slide from slideshow
Retrospective slide from slideshow

The Tyee held their 20th anniversary event in November 2023, celebrating with a lively, slightly satirical debate on the future of journalism (originally titled with ‘Dead or alive?’ but changed to ‘Finished? Or alive and swimming?’ between promo design and event day). I was brought in to design a suite of promotional and day-of materials that would entice Tyee readers and supporters to attend. For visual direction, I was asked to closely emulate the style of a graphic made by the Tyee for a previous debate — a black and white collage with fun type and graphical elements. “Old-timey wrestling imagery” was suggested by The Tyee, but I tracked down this lovely image of the Bennett sisters which had a less physical vibe and came without the macho nature of men’s wrestling/boxing.

Promotional materials (posters, social graphics) were intended to convey a fun, humourous debate and celebrate The Tyee’s anniversary, while fun swag (t-shirt, postcard) were opportunities to show love for The Tyee and ask folks to subscribe or support the organization. Together we created a slideshow including speaker titles and a retrospective. I also designed a sparkly stand-up banner for the event and a special 20th anniversary logo. The poster art came to a three-dimensional fruition as a photo stand-in for people to take silly selfies. The event was a sold-out, resounding success!

For this project, I advocated for sustainable choices including carbon-neutral printing on FSC-certified or recycled paper, sourcing a local Living Wage Employer t-shirt company that had 100% cotton tees, compostable wooden cutlery, and a local beeswax candle supplier (though candles weren’t used in the end).

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