Report on BC’s old growth forest

Report on BC’s old growth forest

Graph: branded version of supplied Excel graph. Created with Illustrator.

My goal here was to make a technical and text-heavy report engaging, easy to read and visually punchy. Photographs help readers connect viscerally with the forests urgently in need of protection, as well as the impacts of logging. I chose most of the pull quotes, impactful bits that would give a reader scanning this report a sample of the benefits of BC’s old growth forests and the threats they face.

Under direction from the client, I prepared a colour palette and font pairing distinct from Stand’s branding. Colours balance forest tones with an urgent red-orange and bright yellow which coincidentally matched up with the palette used by the map authors. Colours were selected to read well for folks with colour blindness and offer good contrast for all. The body copy is a modern, friendly and easy to read font, contrasted by a warm serif for headlines and pull quotes.

Credits for some photos shown: Jakob Dulisse, Taylor Roades, Stephen Sharnoff. Report is 48 pages.

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“Erika is my go-to when I need a compelling, eye-catching design — especially on an urgent deadline. She is wonderful to work with, both as a professional and as a person, and her communications skills are top notch. She is great at meeting deadlines, handles competing priorities with grace and ease, and can transform even a dry, niche text into a compelling and eye-catching report. Erika’s experience and knowledge in the environmental sector is hugely beneficial, and she brings her understanding of social justice and representation to the forefront of her work. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
— Tegan Hansen, Forest Campaigner,

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