Salt Spring Island Climate Action Plan

Salt Spring Island Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan cover
Climate Action Plan cover
Table of contents page. (Photo provided by The Gulf Islands Driftwood)
Chapter page for freshwater ecosystems
Chapter page for freshwater ecosystems
Inside page with photo and pull quote
Inside page with one of many “action tables” describing which organizations are primarily responsible for various actions
Infographic about the risks of poorly managed, stressed forest. Companion to the forest preservation infographic above.

Salt Spring Island’s Climate Action Plan 2.0 is the culmination of an enormous amount of research and writing. At over 100 pages once designed, it still needed to be visually engaging, which I achieved by selecting punchy colours and an approachable, friendly, easy to read typeface set in skimmable columns. Photos and pull quotes offer breathing space, break up long sections and enhance messaging. It’s designed to feel urgent (especially via red) but positive and empowering, compelling, and credible without looking slick or corporate. They wanted to be able to communicate to the broader public, not just the choir, as well as be taken seriously by decision-makers in government and other agencies.

Content, including many complex tables, is designed to be easy to skim or read in-depth. Striking chapter title pages help introduce the subject matter within. Photo selections mix nature imagery with people, photos of climate change consequences and hopeful images of what could be (or already is).

Visit Transition Salt Spring’s webpage for downloads

Services: Branding (colour and typography); design of report and infographics. Photo provided for page 74.

Special thanks to Hannah Carpendale and Ruth Waldick for visual and scientific groundwork on the infographics.

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