2018 Election campaign branding and material

2018 Election campaign branding and material

Tony Valente homepage
Brochure outside pages
Outside of folding brochure (5.5″ x 5.5″)
Street sign
T-shirt design
Car wrap design, side door
Car wrap design, side door (photo by Heather Drugge)
Homepage, mobile

I designed a winning campaign brand that helped elect Tony Valente to North Vancouver City Council in third place. (4,539 votes, 7.2% of the total for councillors and less than 2.5 percentage points behind the top elected councillor, an incumbent.) This is despite his name appearing second-to-last on the 24-person ballot. Tony placed 11th in his previous bid for one of council’s six seats.

A brand refresh was needed for this second bid for council. The team wanted something fresh, genuine, friendly and professional which would, in part, engage younger voters. Colours were inspired by an activated alley in the city (Fun Alley) and represented Tony’s personality. Photography reinforced a positive, approachable and personable candidate image.

For street and apartment signage I used yellow as it is the first colour the eye sees. In a torrent of mainly blue and green signage, his bright, uncluttered sign stood out extremely well. This also served to reduce the number of signs needed, contributing to a more sustainable and economical campaign. It was also the only sign to have text in multiple languages, including the Squamish Nation language.

In engaging with the community, Tony’s brand, promotional pieces and photography received a ton of praise, including having the website described as “by far the best of all the candidates’.” Another local said the collateral design was some of the best she had seen on the North Shore in this election.

During the official campaign period, the website received about 4,000 pageviews.

Deliverables: brand, website, brochures, signage, car wrap, stickers, photography, t-shirt, social media banners. Responsive website (with some Farsi content) developed with WordPress.
Services: brand strategy, design, web development, photography, some copywriting (slogan and tagline).

I wanted to thank you for your amazing ability to express Tony’s values in a visual way. So many have commented on the signs now! The yellow is magic. Your design insight and intuition will help so many in the future.
– Heather Drugge, campaign manager

I am proud to recommend Erika Rathje. She is passionate about her clients and ensuring their message comes alive in colour, form, and overall presentation. Our engagement started with her looking at what other similar campaigns had done locally, nationally, and internationally. She took the time to help me and my team understand the significance of colour and how it is perceived in messaging. She dove into the details to ensure print quality met expectations.

At times I would have settled for a simple solution, but Erika was having none of it. She pushed the team and I to explain our messages and supported the messages with her graphics. I valued her diligence and drive, and the results speak for themselves.

People on the street recognized me from signs done by Erika. A veteran campaigner leading a contested campaign in another jurisdiction commented that our print materials were “among the best in Metro Vancouver”. More importantly: we won. This is because our message described through Erika’s work resonated with the public.
– Councillor Tony Valente

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