June 29, 2009

Car-Free Day, Critical Mass and other street fun

Musicians on Main St

On June 14, I volunteered at Car-Free Day Vancouver on Main Street and had the opportunity to also check out the festivals in the West End and on Commercial Drive. The vibe between the three was distinctly different, but without a doubt everyone was having a good time and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. I wound up the evening back at Main where I got to witness the last hour of the car-free street til close to 10pm when it was opened back up to cars. I think co-organizer Shannon described it as “tragic.” The transformation in the morning, and back again in the evening was interesting to witness. Fortunately, it will be happening again several more times over the summer, though on a smaller scale, as different chunks of Main St participate in the “Summer Spaces” program. (Yay!)

Main Street Car-Free Day Festival 2009 Main Street Car-Free Day Festival 2009
Car-Free Day on Main Street

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June 5, 2009

Join me in volunteering for Car-Free Day, June 14!

Car-Free Day 2008
Photo by Magalie L’Abbé on Flickr

I’m volunteering for the Main Street Car-Free Day, one of four locations in Vancouver having this rockin’ street festival on Sunday, June 14. The event runs from noon to 8pm*, with 2 hours of set-up/take-down on either side. (*The other 3 locations end at 6pm.)

This will be an amazing day filled with people playing in the streets. From 12th to King Edward Avenues there will be: 7 music stages, local artisan vendors, street hockey, a skateboard ramp, a bmx ramp, graffiti walls, crazy bikes, story-telling, yoga, public art and dancing. Best of all people will bring their own fun. Last year there were over 25,000 people. With your help who knows how many will be playing in the streets this year!

150 volunteers are needed, so I’m pitching in early in the day before I go gallavanting around. Come help out with two hours of your time! Time slots available (you can pick more than one!) are:

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June 16, 2008

Car-Free Vancouver Day

Car-Free Vancouver Day on Main Street

Photo by Rob_ on Flickr

Yesterday I joined my sister and my little nieces to one of several Car-Free Vancouver festivals. It was almost surreal to see a chunk of Main St. filled with people, “dancing in the stree-eet,” with absolutely no cars. The warm air was filled with various music, voices, children’s laughter, and sometimes the crashing and bumping noises of skateboarders on the half-pipe. We enjoyed a live performance from a guitarist/singer + DJ/violinist duo that would probably be called lounge jazz pop? The kids had some fun dancing to it. While the next band set up some dancers moved to, I think it was flamenco music, with various dance props (ribbons, etc.) The girls had their faces painted — a butterfly and a lovebug (ladybug on one cheek, heart on the other) — and posed for some adorable photos!

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