May 25, 2016

Reflecting on ten years of blogging

It’s hard to believe I’ve been chronicling my life and interests online for a decade now. I started with a brief Blogger blog before moving to Movable Type where it stayed until today, the tenth anniversary. So with that, here’s my relaunch on WordPress (“about damn time!” you’re probably thinking, and yes) and a little recap of where the last ten years have taken me.

  • I graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design University, had four jobs (2 design studios, a non-profit and a mobile tech start-up), and started a business
  • I’ve lived in three municipalities; in my current one I live a stone’s throw from the hospital where I was born!
  • I haven’t aged one bit since entering my thirties (yeah right)
  • There are 9 unfinished blog posts and 367 published
  • I developed connections with several local bloggers
  • My blog was noticed by Natural Health magazine, which published some of my zero waste tips and a brief profile in 2015
  • I continue to get traffic to posts about monoculture and biodiversity and why bikes are good for Vancouver (updated for an upcoming article in my local paper’s cycling column)
  • I learned a second content management system and a third programming language
  • iPhones and iPads came on the scene, changing my design process and making things more fun and more complex at the same time
  • Since starting my business a little over three years ago, I’ve worked with more than 30 non-profit and small business clients, for which I’m grateful, and I probably need to blog more often about the amazing work they’re doing
  • I took up cycling (and became addicted), stand-up paddling, knitting, gardening and hiking. Also protesting!

My blog has been chronically neglected for a long time, and to be frank that’s probably not going to change. Facebook tends to absorb ideas into short blurbs rather than researched exploration or an illustrated story. I do enjoy writing, however, and I’m hoping that this new content management system will facilitate more of it.

If you’ve been here before, thanks for coming back. If this is your first time, take a gander. There’s a decade’s worth of reading material!