May 30, 2013

Street posters, a mild obsession

I have a thing for street posters. I’m often photographing these in the thin moments between changing walk signals. Band posters played a role in getting me interested in design when I was a teenager, though I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to make one. Rarely do I even make it to the event. These are my favourites of the past couple of years.

Commentary follows each image.


This one for Iron and Wine reminds me of the crayon-layered images I made as a kid. And it might be made that way.


Punchy colour


So rad.

fun-fridays.jpg kathleen-edwards.jpg

I think this illustration is beautiful.


I find the style of this one fairly unique.


I spotted this last week. It’s so simple, which makes it very effective against the busy posters that usually appear on street poles. Great colours.

one-night-stand.jpg spoon-river.jpg

Honourable mentions

dan-mangan.jpg Tiger & Woods Canada Day poster