April 27, 2012

Are you in a toxic relationship with your household cleaners?

Spring Breakup

I’m not! I switched to vinegar and baking soda for most tasks years ago. I’m even considering making my own laundry detergent after I move out.

I have a confession to make, though: I used to like the smell of Mr. Clean. I’m sure a whiff of it now would send me into an allergic frenzy, but I broke up with Mr. Clean a long time ago. You can too, by going to SpringBreakup.ca, a campaign site my team at the David Suzuki Foundation recently launched with our Queen of Green.

You’ll be eligible for sweet prizes just by signing up, including green cleaning recipe stickers I designed for the Queen of Green. On Tuesday May 2nd, we launch the fourth and final challenge: break up with your cleaners. You can send a breakup letter to Mr. Clean, and two other cleaners, and then tell your friends about your change of heart. We hope they’ll follow suit!

This website was a collaborative effort with interns Laura Lefurgey-Smith (design concept, design, illustration, programming), Dylan McCall (programming), Ian Knauer (email campaigns, mobile site design and programming), Lara Hughes (wallet card design), and myself (art direction, design, programming). Along with a group of talented colleagues at the David Suzuki Foundation, we worked with Public Inc. for overall concept, strategy and content.

Take the Spring Breakup challenge and end your toxic relationship with household cleaners.

Queen of Green's Spring Breakup