February 22, 2011

Green thinking in cities, Part 2: Copenhagen

Copenhagen Bike Parade op Velocity 2010Photo by Fietsberaad via Flickr

Copenhagen is reknowned for its cycling culture, one which has developed over the last 100 years despite growing affluence and cheap energy. They lead by example with a 36% mode share for cyclists — in other words, 1 in 3 people choose a bicycle for their commute and other everyday activities, despite the long, cold winter. In contrast, the peak areas of Vancouver achieve only 10% mode share. After seeing bicycle use double in 15 years, the city also plans to increase that modeshare to 40% by 2012 and 50% by 2015. Holy smokes.

A combination of cycle paths and greenways offer Copenhagen’s cyclists a growing 400 km network. Some routes use a “green wave” concept that optimizes travel for cyclists moving at 20 km/h to consistently meet green traffic lights. Blue-painted pavement is used for visbility in intersections, a step past the common bike box used in cities like Vancouver. Bikes can also be brought on the S-train commuter network or you can choose to bikeshare.

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May 28, 2009

SFU lecture June 8: Walking Around the World, and Car Free Day

Walking at UBC

I’m going to miss out on this, I think, because it’s also World Oceans Day on June 8 and the World Oceans Day event I’m attending conflicts in time, but I wanted to pass this on for the rest of you. There are a few spots left I think, so register quickly!

Walking Around the World: Innovation and inspiration for Designing, Engineering and Planning our Cities

Dr. Rodney Tolley with Bronwen Thornton, Walk 21

June 8, 7 pm at UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson Street, Vancouver

Reservations required: Call 778-782-5100 or email cstudies@sfu.ca

“The obesity epidemic, congestion, pollution, peak oil and climate change are just five of the imperatives that demand we walk more — and walk more often. Yet the barriers to walking have intensified in recent years. This presentation will show how streets around the world are being opened up again to people on foot, with spectacular benefits for our personal health, and the health of our cities, our communities and our children.” (SFU City Program | PDF Flyer)

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