November 23, 2008


November Sky


(22 november)

what an amazing day.

the sun is warm happiness radiating

at the market voices buzz and twitter

I talk at length with four people

and indulge my vices

apples crisper than ever imagined greet me immediately and yes, kind sir, I will see you again soon.

the hall is stuffed with scents and warm colours that suggest the turning of fall into Christmas. I cannot wait for the next two.

at the market I move in slow motion, with thoughtful decisions and careful handling of the earth’s most sacred gifts for which I have a delectable passion.

suddenly the presence of honey, maple and bread intermingle with curiosity and my senses urge me without hesitation to ask for a plump loaf of sourdough which I shall with butter enjoy later.

hues of pumpkins, squash and apples overflow amongst varieties of mushrooms, potatoes and dried fruits, all the colours and textures singing the plenty that is the harvest here, even so late in the fall. this is abundance.

I leave with luscious beet greens slung across my back and deeply enjoy the sight from the corner of my eye.

it makes me feel somewhat of a peasant or… something special… a collector of sorts.

a perfect day for a walk.

to pass time I follow people to a cluster of studios in the most unlikely place for the Eastside Culture Crawl which I had not planned to attend. when I am wealthy I will buy other people’s art and gourmet cheese. today my wealth is my experience.

happily timed my bus arrives and I cradle my earthly belongings.

a young man strums an acoustic guitar at the back of the bus, a surprising reminder of when I once did the same.

sunlight pours in across the city and the trees, between the branches, the dead leaves

it’s a perfect day

November Water

november moon

(19 november)

it was dark inside, and outside the fog had rolled in, shrouding everything, and through which the neighbour’s light glowed softly. and yet I could still see shimmering clearly a star — nay, a planet — in the black sky. the moon lit up the top of the fog’s arm that stretched over the inlet, yet I could not see the moon. little time had passed since I saw its reflection, perfect and white on the still water. its face looking downward and half hidden, the moon played hide-and-seek behind the thickest part of the cypress, thick enough to block it from entering the house. but I knew it was there; on the sparkling dotted glass its shape blurred and crackled. tonight it was shy but it will soon light up the darkness like a second sun, come fullness.