August 6, 2007

Monday lunch blog

Beginning next week (well, last week, but today’s a holiday in BC), I’ll be writing a blog post at lunch every Monday. It gets me motivated to write, to think and to explore. A weekly “routine” is good when it’s something one enjoys (hence not a “chore” kind of routine). It gently forces me to get my thoughts out on virtual paper and to learn more about my topics. A regular post will hopefully bring readers in more. (Selfish? not at all! If anything it’s easier for you.) This doesn’t mean I won’t write other days of the week — I did last week — and I may occasionally miss it, but this is quite a feat unto itself. Once a week! Will I run out of things to say? If I do, I’ll have to take photographs.

It being a long weekend, this isn’t a “lunch blog” as such, but will do just fine for non-British Columbian readers for whom this isn’t a holiday. But I’m sure you have your own I don’t know about!