November 3, 2006

No more tomatoes

Tomato season is over in the city and, it seems, for my project title.

“Tomatoes don’t grow on trees: The decline of the quality of food in North America” (phew, *rests tongue a moment*) is not going to be the title anymore.

Instead, it will be ………… ? Sorry, I don’t know yet. I’ve mulled over a few and so far nothing is doing the job of a) communicating what it’s about, b) offering a web-searchable title, c) being emotional enough instead of scholastic.

My friend pointed out the name of this one as being a good example. That’s good.

Thirteen cent tomato.


I think part of the reason is my influence from books. The End of Food. The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The Hundred-Year Lie. Food Politics. The Crazy Makers. Food Fight. Actually, the last two are closer to what I’m supposed to be getting at. Someone suggested Food Fight in class, and I said no, that’s already a book! (By Brownell & Horgen.) And, ah crud, they’re all due back on Tuesday! (except 100-year lie and Omnivore’s because I bought them.)

I’m not going to change the address of the site/blog because moving everything over and changing image URLs etc. is just not worth the time right now. The good news is, the navigation is now cross-browser compatible, after the resolution of a very simple glitch. Yay! (Thanks, Alex!)

I don’t know where it will head from its current state, but if you happen across it and it looks like utter chaos, you can bet I’m in the middle of something. However, if you’d like to leave a comment or offer some guest authoring, I would be greatly grateful. You know where to go!