April 2, 2013



Away for the warm weekend,

I returned home,

peeked outside and a joyful smile

exploded on my face.

Three tulips whose colours were previously unknown

bloomed in hot pink, hot pink and yellow, hot pink and white

in varying shapes and scents.

“I love them!” I exclaimed.

And across the street, the tree that has always looked beautiful

was topped with a bounty of magnolia blossoms

with more to come as they open in a cascade downward.

The willow is greener from afar, its tiny fledgling leaves glowing in the sun.

A forsythia I never knew was there reaches for the sky.

I wait for the other trees outside to leaf out.

Is that a pea sprouting in my garden?

Garlic scapes grown taller while I was gone.

My first spring in my new home

delivers me all kinds of sweet surprises.

I’m attempting to participate in NaPoWriMo, National Poetry Writing Month.