Knack Report on Findings

Knack Report on Findings

Cover Inside page Inside page Infographic Insights page

Report design for Knack’s report on their activities and insights over their first three years. I used the angled shape from the bottom half of their icon to add visual interest to select pages. “Insights” were highlighted so that a reader just skimming the report could easily get the gist, and on full-page insights the respective category was repeated so this same reader could make the association. The report overall was designed to encourage reading, and uses photographs provided to celebrate the success of both the program and its participants.

Read the full report. (Note: Figure 1 chart by Andrea Robertson; black icons from The Noun Project.)

Knack has hired Erika for a couple of projects and we’ve been really satisfied with her work and communication throughout the projects. She designed a very professional, engaging and readable report for us. Her infographics match our brand and make it extremely clear for our readers!

— Anna Migicovsky, former Special Projects Manager at Potluck Cafe and COO Knack

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