Guide to surviving the 2019 federal election

Guide to surviving the 2019 federal election

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Confusion. Dread. Anxiety. These are all real feelings that pop up ahead of a federal (or maybe any) election. Dogwood’s election survival guide is a tongue-in-cheek, playful and optimistic companion to their Vote Local campaign.

To maximize shareability, I recommended a webpage rather than PDF, and designed and built a mobile-optimized one-pager. Navigating the treacherous waters of an election campaign, dodging attack ads and party rhetoric, is akin to playing a video game. I chose the colourful Pacman and customized ghosts for each party colour.

Services: design, development and doge-ing. I mean Photoshopping.

In collaboration with the unstoppable Kai Nagata, Dogwood’s Communications Director.

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