February 27, 2011

One month into daily blogging challenge, some thank yous

crocusesI’ve been blogging every day for a month now — more posts than in all of 2009 and four times more than 2010 — and while I can definitely say I’ve lost sleep and neglected flossing once or twice, the 50-odd hours I’ve spent on this have been worthwhile and for a worthy cause. Improving our quality of life by ensuring a healthy environment and living sustainably within the limits of nature is very important to me, so raising money for the David Suzuki Foundation through this fair-trade-cocoa-powered pledge goes beyond just the fact that I love the organization I work for. I love what we do, and we do it for our fellow Canadians.

snowmanI’d like to thank all those who’ve so far sponsored my daily blog habit with your donations to the Foundation (in no particular order): Gaby, Tim, Eli, Siobhan, Solona, Jason, and my parents. Thank you!

I’d also like to thank Madeleine and Suzanne for your kind words and praise, and for sending your fans this way. Thanks to Ben for bringing me to the World Community Film Fest and posting good articles online. (You too, Faisal.) Thanks also to the words of encouragement from too many people to name. It keeps me focused.

I’m sounding like an Oscars acceptance speech, so I’ll stop and let you enjoy some photos from this weekend. Crocuses on Friday, snow on Sunday. Just when you thought spring was around the corner…

75th graphicThis daily green blog challenge is in celebration of David Suzuki’s 75th birthday, supporting the David Suzuki Foundation. Please help me out by sponsoring me online now.

Note: I am writing solely on my own behalf, and do not claim to represent the David Suzuki Foundation or its views here.