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January 21, 2008

Big things in Surrey tonight

It’s just as well I went out for lunch instead of posting my blog today. I thought I’d get a chance before leaving work but alas… It’s just as well because mom just sent me a link to a Surrey Leader interview with Paul Hillsdon, a fellow Surrey resident I’m glad to say is becoming a friend of mine. It’s clear the underdogs are winning in this day and age where finding support for great, fresh ideas is becoming easier, ideas of which Paul is nothing short. You can read more about this young talent and his visions for transportation in Metro Vancouver at

And the other big thing in Surrey tonight is the lecture I attended by James Howard Kunstler. My introduction was awe-inspiring as I entered the glass boat-like SFU Surrey campus and ascended to the theatre. (One of these days I’m going to have to go in there with a camera!) I’ll write more about his lecture later but I should point out that those of you lucky enough to have reserved a seat for Thursday’s lecture in Vancouver can look forward to a highly informative, engaging, inspiring and even humourous talk. I’m just glad the last half centimetre of my mechanical pencil’s graphite held out! Scrawl to be typed up soon. The lecture was also videotaped; I’m not sure if that will be made available to the public.

Keep an eye out tomorrow morning for one more big thing: the full moon. It’s apparently full on Tuesday and if the time and atmosphere are just right (~7:15am), you might just catch it hovering on the horizon like a giant headlight. I’d never catch a good photo of it, but this morning it looked twice its size. When we got up to the main road going west it was sitting on the horizon, likely causing some “what the *&$% is that?!” reactions as drivers get confused seeing this oversized yellow plate glowing behind streetlights, trees and buildings. Tonight it had shrunk again, brilliant white. What a sight!