December 22, 2007

This merry time of year

Wet snow on a berry-laden tree

The holidays are upon us and to ring it in, Mother Nature sprinkled some snow over our humble city this morning! I never saw it falling and woke up to rain, but I got outside to photograph it a bit. Nothing too special to share this time as per the snow but I thought the above image was quite festive. It’s very, very wet out there but gorgeous especially when the sun peeks out. So, a White pre-Christmas… good enough for me right now! And yesterday was the Winter Solstice, which means days will now be getting longer. For the shortest day of the year, it was a pretty good one!

It was a year ago today when I posted my first holiday message complete with a photo of a grumpy little fish. This year, Jake gets some furry white cotton on his stocking that I pulled off an old elf-doll I made as a kid. Jake is, of course, just as pissed off to have his view blocked by something bright red. (It’s plain on the back side.)


My oldest sister and my mother have posted good Christmas wishes and heartwarming photos of their decor on their blogs, and my mom especially revels in the historical and mythological meanings of Christmas in her writings and photos. Be sure to take a good read at her recent posts for some great insight.


Photo taken December 1st after a snowfall.

Check out Christmas with Virtual Finland, a little interactive website with great stories, photos and illustrations from Christmas past and present in the land of Joulupukki, Santa Claus!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!