May 28, 2007

No more authentication… for now

I’ve wondered whether my lack of feedback is from a lack of visitors or the fact that it requires authentication with Typekey. On top of that, it doesn’t work in Safari for some reason, and I loathe using Firefox’s gimpy form to reply to the few comments I get. (You know who you are; thank you!) Anyway, whatever, I’ve disabled it and have added two plug-ins to defeat spam. You’ll notice a little question at the bottom now. Comments are now disabled on posts older than 10 days. Thank you.

Now to see whether this affects my gigantic number of “unique visitors” who are dragging down my visit time stats. Wanna bet they’re 90% spam? Who the heck hits the search button 10 times and for what purpose?

Update May 30

Erika: 1; spammers: 0.