December 1, 2006

Spam Wars


A lot of my time gets wasted by spammers, who have nothing better to do than to waste my time. I get email alerts from MT when I get comments, so I have to go and delete the spam ones. Then I come in here and junk and delete the ones from my main comments area, and empty the junk folder (thanks for the new feature, guys!). And I shake my head at all this stupid stuff. It’s the same with emails: do you think I don’t realise it’s spam? What good does this do you? I guess they’re just out there to annoy people.


I FINALLY got TypeKey authentication working. It was a simple problem at the server that they have now fixed (thanks J.E.T. and DJT), which in turn fixed my TypeKey sign-in validation issue. Yesss. So that means less of my time will be wasted, and it may save you guys a few seconds each time you comment. Speaking of which, since I hardly get any comments, I figured making TypeKey registration mandatory wouldn’t do much harm. If you’d like to comment and haven’t got a TypeKey account, it’s free, quick, and painless and you’ll enjoy using it at other blogs. There’s a link at the bottom to register. Please do, then come back here and send me your thoughts!

Last but not least, I can approve commenters so your comments should appear right away. Just don’t post anything that breaks copyright law, eh? 🙂