November 27, 2006

More snow… and more… and more

Ohhooo my.

If it were December, we’d be having a very white Christmas. Take a look.

Snow-covered tree

Snow-covered tree

Snow-covered tree

Same tree, hours later, at night

Snowy neighbourhood

Winter wonderland

Car snowed under

Can you even tell what colour that car is?

My paper heart decoration

Inspired by an artisan at the Scandinavian Centre Christmas Craft Fair today

Paper snowflakes and heart

My paper decorations

Outside our bedroom window

If this keeps up, we’re going to be looking at snow through glass through our bedroom window

My bus was almost half an hour late today. I waited close to half an hour for it. It wasn’t that cold, which was good, because it was really cold in other parts of the city. While bored and waiting for the bus, I started humming “Sleighbells ring, are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening…” and felt cheery.

I went to the annual Christmas Craft Fair at the Scandinavian Centre with my parents. I wanted to stay longer, but they were my ride so it wasn’t up to me! I got lots of good food, and some heart-warming decorations. Three hand-made straw hearts for the future tree, a beautiful table runner with a holly pattern, and a hand-made straw/ribbon star for the tree as well. Gorgeous. I wish I could have gotten more, but I don’t have that kind of money. Since I’m crafty myself, I was inspired by a very talented Danish woman, and found out that what she did is harder than it looks! Eventually I figured out I was basically cutting my cutting mat as well, hah, but anyway. It’s not easy doing precision with a craft knife. It turned out well, though, and I plan to make a couple more.