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September 18, 2006 interview with Thomas Pawlick

This one tells me that people DO want to discuss the issues and the book, which is good news for me, because my grad project will have an emphasis on discussion.

I like how each interview and each article are different. Will We Ever Eat Well Again?

I love this comment in response to a vegetarian’s response to the original poster:


Your story brings back another one from the early postwar years.

A missionary went to a cannibal tribe and was preaching them the horror and sin of eating human flesh.

The chief spoke up : “You’re telling us Father that it is a sin to eat human flesh, yet you white people just had a big war, where you killed and ate lots and lots of people!”

“Oh no, my son – said the missionary- it is true that we had a big war and lots of people were killed, but we didn’t eat them!”

“White man big fool- said the chief- if you don’t want to eat them, why kill them?”

So they ate him.

Cheers, Ed.

(Truman, unfortunately, can’t simply take a joke for what it is, so you can stop reading then!)