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June 16, 2006

movable type

as much as i like blogger’s ease of use, and the fact that i could be a lazy bum and do very little designing of this pretty template (designed by Douglas Bowman), i was convinced by an intelligently designed blog at Textura Design to see about making my own blog with Movable Type.

it’s going to take awhile.

especially because i’m doing one for a client, too, and that’s sort of also what got me going. i got the files installed on my server much faster than on theirs thanks to cPanel. (that means i can learn some things about it before i go forth with theirs.) i’ve had a bit of experience using the MT interface and customizing stuff in helping my mom with coding and my sister a little with her husband’s business blog customization.

i hope i can smoothly transfer over entries when the time comes. any advice? anyone who’s done it?

i’m going to have to let go of the orange and white look and other things, sigh, but oh well. it’s not like i won’t ever see it on someone else’s page.