No Tankers bus shelter ads

No Tankers bus shelter ads

Tanker ad on transit shelter Tanker ad on transit shelter with Parliament No Place for Oil Tankers ad Oil Tanker: Actual Size

Both ads appeared on bus shelters in Ottawa, Ontario in November, 2016 just ahead of the federal government’s decision to approve Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and terminal expansion.

Dogwood wanted to make the issue less abstract for Ottawa residents and Liberal MPs and staffers from outside BC. The impact of the Kinder Morgan project, and the now-dead Enbridge Northern Gateway project, needed to be made visible. It also needed to bring tankers into the pipeline conversation.

For the second ad, we wanted to bring the direct impacts of oil spills on the coast, its people and its creatures into focus. The smaller centre image of the sunken tug helps illustrate the viciousness of this coastal environment.

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On-street photographs and original Parliament photograph by Alex Tetreault.