Defend Our Climate national day of action

Defend Our Climate national day of action

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A large group of non-profits in Canada collaborated to organize a national day of action against dangerous pipelines, reckless tar sands expansion and runaway climate change on November 16th, 2013. Over 135 actions took place across the country, from Halifax to Iqaluit to Victoria, hosted by individuals and organizations.

I joined the team, spearheaded by, mainly to produce graphics to promote the event, get people to come out, increase media attention — before, during and after the actions — and encourage people to step up to host. The work included Facebook profile and page graphics, social media “memes” (graphics meant to be shared widely), web ads, and a printable card that asked event attendees to share their photos and videos online tagged with #DefendOurClimate. Graphics were also used to promote the team’s cross-posted news articles and blog posts on

We aimed for a positive, historic feel with a sense of urgency and national unity. My design considerations included consistency of layout, branding and messaging, impact of chosen images, and making sure that graphics maintained readability and quality after Facebook resized and/or compressed and cropped them.

Posted and shared on multiple channels including the Facebook pages for Defend Our Climate, Leadnow, Tar Sands Solutions Network and David Suzuki Foundation, the graphics collectively garnered thousands of interactions. Over 12,000 people attended across Canada, with thousands gathering in Vancouver and about a thousand in Victoria. A wide range of community and national media covered the event, including the Globe and Mail, CBC and Huffington Post.

I contributed minor copywriting and editing. The graphics I designed were based on branding developed by Know Studio.