November 18, 2006

"Will We Ever Eat Well Again?"

End of Food author Thomas Pawlick believes there's hope if we begin with ourselves.

By Kendyl Salcito
Published: June 28, 2006

Thomas Pawlick believes "the food industry is destroying our food supply." He also believes those who eat responsibly can not only become healthier but also provide some small impetus toward a system that serves us better.

In The End of Food, the science reporter and journalism professor from eastern Ontario makes the case that today's produce lacks the nutritional sustenance it had 50 years ago: meat is higher in sodium and fat and lower in protein and vitamins, and the genetic modification of some foods is wreaking havoc. "You can't eat a tomato or a potato or a carrot or anything now without it having either a whole lot of toxins in it or very little nutrition in it compared to the old days," Pawlick told The Tyee, during an interview last week in a Vancouver restaurant.

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