August 18, 2008

Slow Food Cycle Sunday Recap!

Lunchtime at the Helmer farm

Yesterday I attended my first Slow Food Cycle Sunday, in Pemberton. Whew, what a ride!

We arrived in Pemberton Village rather on time considering the road construction on the Sea to Sky Highway. (No rockslides, thankfully!) Treacherous road, but man, what a view! The parking lot at Signal Hill Elementary School was rapidly filling up when we unloaded our stuff, packed up our saddle bags and took off in the direction of the Community Centre which would be our official starting point. It was obvious then that there was a huge turnout, and in fact the count thus far exceeds 2000 riders! It was mildly sunny and cool, but the weather didn't do what was forecasted. It did the exact opposite, without the potential thunderstorm that seemed imminent.

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December 7, 2006

Local treats and good eats for under $12

Squash and pumpkin

Due to a recent snowfall and unusually cold temperatures, I hadn't ventured to the local farmer's market for awhile. I combined today's trip with doing photography for this site as well.

I had a short list, and I think one reason why I didn't walk away with ten times as much is because I refused to buy anything that wasn't local, with the exception of mandarin oranges and a German marzipan-chokolade bar. (It's a Christmas treat.) I kind of wanted lettuce, but none that I preferred, if any, was local. It was from California. The only local peppers were green ones, and I chose them over the red/yellow/orange ones from Mexico.

Local-grown nantes carrots

Here's what I got and what I paid:

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November 26, 2006

The converted

Whenever I was told, growing up, that I should eat whole wheat bread because it's better for me, I argued that it didn't taste good with my favourite cheese (cheddar), unless toasted or melted. I took only white bread in my school lunches unless it was a peanut butter sandwich! However, I liked to have a variety of white bread, though I would refuse even now to stoop to the Wonderbread type of sliced white bread. I rarely had anything quite that fluffy. It's probably my European blood that dictates to a certain extent my preference for drier, heavier breads... but it must have been the cheese that determined my bread choice.

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November 18, 2006

What does food mean to you?

What does food mean to you?

November 8, 2006


At the market this week, I went to pick up tomatoes, among other items. While carefully picking through the tomatoes, I noticed people going for the more expensive (over $1/lb) on-the-vine tomatoes. I'm sure they were drawn by the same thing I would be: natural-looking vine-bound tomatoes with rich(ish) colour. One bunch I picked up featured one patchy-looking tomato that was part green/yellow. Yum... sometimes tomatoes don't look perfect, they in fact look terrible. I was tempted to tell a man that they're (the red ones on the vine) not really as good as they look, but I don't tell people how to shop.

Loose vine tomatoes
Recent photo. You can see some of those were definitely picked green!

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October 21, 2006

I found organic tomatoes!

The last few days I've been feeling sick on and off. It may be a stomach flu.* As such I have had little energy (or time, even, due to other circumstances) for writing here, but after a talk with a friend and a stop at the local market, I'm feeling rather energized.

It was quiet by the time I got to the market around 6:30 (and even quieter when I left!). It was just getting dark and they had the lights on outside. It was my first time being there or even seeing the place at night. It felt good, it smelled good, and the air was crisp and cool.

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