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Plight of the turkey? Hey processed food: get stuffed!

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and like many others, I hit the big grocery store to stock up on various items. The bulk of my contribution to my family potluck dinner, however, I did not buy at the grocery store: I bought it at the market. Local white potatoes and local carrots. (I could have bought the thyme and basil there, too, but I wouldn't have used all the fresh basil and I didn't actually know what fresh thyme looked like! Shame on me.) Our dinner consisted of plenty of seasonal items, and nothing processed. Boy was it delicious.

Washington purple potatoes and local field cucumbers

I noticed my mother reading this article so I sent it to myself to post here. "The manufactured meal" dissects the Thanksgiving dinner, and though it's different from mine, the author offers some good and even unbeknownst-to-me insight on food issues, not the least of which is turkey trauma! Fortunately my response to his salad plight is to say that I only bought organic lettuce this summer/fall, and had no difficulty finding it — at my farmer's market.

Read the Globe and Mail article here, and be sure to read the comments.