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September 20, 2007

Featured in Applied Arts Student Issue

Look for images of this website included in the September 2007 issue of Canada's Applied Arts magazine. The Student Awards Annual showcases fresh talent from across the country. More on this at my main blog, thirteen cent pinball.

I'm proud to announce (again — I found out in April) that AfterTASTE is a winner in the Interactive Design category. I cannot forget, of course, the dozens of people who helped me make it happen. Congratulations to the other winners, which includes my dear friend, Anne-Marie Leong with her project Maïse.

"Ottawa unveils new organic food logo"

This is kind of old news now, but related articles tagged along the side are an interesting read as well.

The federal government has created a new logo for organic foods that have been tested and certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.more at CBC.ca

What do you think about the new CBC.ca design, anyway?