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Give your plate a lift...and a piece of grass

Even if I weren't an omnivore, I'd be supporting what this article has to say: get your grilled steak grass-fed this year. It's healthier for you, the cows, and the environment. Just how healthy?

For starters, corn-fed cows are on drugs. And not in a summer-of-love kind of way. In order to survive in our Fast Food Nation, cattle ranchers these days have to get their cows fat as fast and as cheaply as possible. That means stuffing them with corn-based animal feed, instead of letting them roam and graze on grass, as cows are meant to do. ... The result is that farmers have to keep their cows hopped up on antibiotics, which you the consumer then ingest.

Your good old-fashioned, grass-fed, pasture-raised cow doesn't have to bear these antibiotics (administered "preventatively"), diseases, inhumane treatment, cramped indoor "living" spaces and hormones (rGBH, among others?). (The use of hormones may still apply except to organically-raised cows, which may, according to this site, still be subjected to a grain diet and confined spaces. A return to the natural way as a combination of the best of both is ideal.)

Read the article, "Watermelon, Memorial Day, and Cows on Drugs" from Plenty Magazine for the parts I omitted—and I bet you'll be surprised at the truth! I was, even after all I've been reading about factory farming and unnatural animal diets.

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