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Local treats and good eats for under $12

Squash and pumpkin

Due to a recent snowfall and unusually cold temperatures, I hadn't ventured to the local farmer's market for awhile. I combined today's trip with doing photography for this site as well.

I had a short list, and I think one reason why I didn't walk away with ten times as much is because I refused to buy anything that wasn't local, with the exception of mandarin oranges and a German marzipan-chokolade bar. (It's a Christmas treat.) I kind of wanted lettuce, but none that I preferred, if any, was local. It was from California. The only local peppers were green ones, and I chose them over the red/yellow/orange ones from Mexico.

Local-grown nantes carrots

Here's what I got and what I paid:

- Three green peppers: $0.92 ( @ $0.79/lb)
- Approx. 12 mushrooms: $0.90 ($2.19/lb)
- A dozen Chinese Mandarins (loose): $2.21 ($0.69/lb)
- BC Hot House "on the vine" tomatoes: $0.93 ($0.89/lb)
- 2 medium onions: $0.28 ($0.29/lb)
- 6 medium Yukon Gold potatoes: $1.16 ($0.49/lb)
- 1 Certified Organic + local buttercup squash: $1.53 ($0.59/lb)
- Dozen large free run eggs: $3.69 ... which is only 30c more than Superstore's President's Choice free run eggs which has more packaging (though recyclable). The eggs I bought are from Abbotsford, which is local, instead of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, or simply Canada, which is where the eggs from the other two brands I get are laid and/or packed. No wonder the eggs expire before their date.
- 1 200g marzipan bar: $3.39 (yes, I'm guilty)

Total: $15.21, 20 cents of which was GST on the marzipan, which I wouldn't include in the total to begin with because it's not produce! Therefore, I paid only $11.61. Most of that should last for 2 weeks for 2 people. (However, my boyfriend won't touch the squash, oranges, or mushrooms.) I would have bought closer to 10 potatoes, but I had something to carry home from school in one hand.

BC grown potatoes

I did some environmental conservation today. I stopped at the market on the way home from school. I take public transit both ways, and the walk home from the bus stop is a good 8 minutes with bags. So I feel pretty good about what I did. Somehow, I always manage to feel really good when I go to the market, no matter how the rest of me feels. There is just so much colour and life there, with tons of variety, textures, smells, and interesting people. Sometimes I find little treasures, too, that you don't get in a big grocery store... like marzipan! or honey in jars. The other great thing was they had descriptions of what "free run" and "born 3" eggs meant. I had a bit of a dilemma, not by price, but by ethics vs. my own health. I've read how good omega-3 fatty acids are, and I should simply eat more fish. I'm more interested right now in supporting free run hens, even if the space they have to run in isn't ideal. It's still better than prison, and I won't support that kind of treatment. The born 3 snippet they had from wherever it was didn't appear to mention how the chickens are cared for. Look for a post about their treatment later.


you survive on $11 worth of grocery for 2 weeks?!?!

I think I might not be eating right. :(

Its bizarre that a local market would sell stuff from Cali or Ontario..

That was just for fruits and vegetables! Meat, bread, dairy, eggs and other stuff add up to much more! So don't worry :)

Right now the broccoli there is from China. I think it's a small company but they do get products from everywhere. The good thing is, they tell you where it's from, although I've noticed some conflicting information between their labeling (which I trust) and information on stickers or bags that the produce comes with.